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Let’s be honest, picking up the phone to call a counselor can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many questions that can go through your mind as you take this step. Will they make me lie down on a couch? Will I be forced to share my deepest thoughts? What if it gets weird?  

Listen…we get it! At Cornerstone, we have gone to great lengths to take the “weird” out of counseling. In fact, we strive to make counseling one of the most enjoyable and enriching experiences in your life. Our therapists are some of the most personal and well-trained in the state. From the comfort of our offices to the friendliness of our staff, everything we do is with you in mind.

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Individual counseling allows you to work through a wide array of issues that might be important to you.


Sometimes we face issues that require more than individual counseling can accomplish. Family counseling with your loved ones focused in specific areas.


What do you do when your marriage is tested, seems cold and distant, or is fractured because of choices that have been made? At Cornerstone, we want to help you find real solutions that lead to healing and deeper intimacy with your spouse.


We want to help you prepare for the covenant relationship that awaits you after your wedding!


Children are born living fully from their hearts, with a deep hunger to belong and to matter. Sadly, children learn to deny, numb, or hide these true feelings and needs in order to secure the love and belonging their hearts long for.


Adolescence is a uniquely different developmental experience for the child and parent. With competence, knowledge, skills and experience our unique ability to work with adolescents brings understanding, healing and awareness of emotions.

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