Your Story Matters

What’s Your Story?

Have you ever thought of your life as a story? It can have ups and downs and several twists and turns along the way. What do you do when the next pages ahead are uncertain? Who do you turn to when solutions aren’t clear? At Cornerstone, we would love to help you walk through whatever chapter you are in.

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Counseling That Cares

Let’s be honest, picking up the phone to call a counselor is never easy. Usually people exhaust every other option before they seek out counseling. When you finally make the call, it is usually because the pain or uncertainty of your situation has reached a level you are no longer comfortable dealing with alone.  

When you are hurting, you want more than someone with a degree on the wall who slings out cliché’ answers and a few book recommendations. You need someone who is committed to addressing the issues and shepherding your heart at the same time. You need someone you can trust who will partner with you because they truly care. At Cornerstone, our goal is to be that someone.

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We believe that each of us has a story worth telling, and at times we need help working through parts of it.  As we work together, we stay mindful of another story…one that God has been telling since the beginning of time.  His story is one of love, pursuit and redemption.  Our goal is to help you connect your story with His and discover that your story truly matters.